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Level 0

-Who are you?

-Write ten(10) characters name. Notice the character under number 1 will be the one you start you adventure whit.


Level 1

1) Its a beautifully day. The birds are chipping and you just went to the market to buy some food in the small town you lived, well it was more of a village but you loved it. You were passing beside the local pub, when 1 runs out of the pub, looking pale and shaking. 1 grabs you hand and drags you into the bar. What do you think happened?

2) A cloaked man in the dark corner of the bar called 1 and you over. What does he tells you?

3) Well it doesnt matter anyway as he give you two cursed weapons that shape shifts once they touch both of yours hands. For 1 its a bow and for you its a sword. The cloaked man poofs away laughing evilly. "You are stuck whit this weapons till you save the two kingdoms!". What are your reactions?

4) 7 Noticed you two speak whit the man, so he attempts to stalk you guys. What happens? And what was 7 reason for doing it?

Level 2

5) Oh, no! You home town was burn down to the ground! 1 and you managed to flee in the dark woods. You two head someone screaming for help its 6 needing help whit a pack of wolfs. How do you help 6? And what happens afterwards?

6) 10 and 4 are working in the enemy army. How would they try to catch 1 and you? 

7) Well that failed thanks to 6 who saved you guys. How did he do it?

Level 5

8) Side mission time! Because saving the world can wait. A Nymph ask you to bring her underwear of 5. One sided love problems. How does that side quest go?

9) 5 was not amused he pays 2 to pay 1 and you back. What does 2 do and how does it go?

Level 10 

10) Aww how cute 1 found a small kitten version of 3, it looks whit really big eyes at you. What do you guys do whit it?

11)Remember 10 and 4 still? Well the two had cursed 8 to look like a kitten version of 3. The only way to save 8 is for bath in milk. How did you found out about this secret and what happens?

12) 1 received a deathly blow! DX how do you react?

13) Oh wait he lives again the cursed weapon doesnt allow neither of you to die. Reunion time~

Level 17

14) Dungeon time! Your party is 1,6,7,8. How does this team work?

15) Oh look! because of several unfortunate events 7 ended up having 9 as his personal slave, who was kept prisoner in the dungeon before.What does 7 do? And how do you react to it?

16) A trap! Now only 1 and 8 have to battle a big fluffy Vampire bunny alone! How do they do it?

17) Boss time! You team got quite a few wounds but you are there in front of the boss who is 10. How does the battle go? Who wins?

Level 28

18) Lets party in a bar after the dungeon. Alcohol does wonders.  9 and 2 who was there by chance end up table dancing for everyone. reactions?

19) Well thats is long not the end. 4 tries to kidnap drunk 9. What does 8 do who sees them?

Level 41

20) crazy party is crazy. You woke up in bed beside 5. 

21) When doing a head count you found out that 1 is missing! What happened and what do you do?

22)The real 3 becomes a king and rides on a unicorn  beside the bar where you partied. He reminds you that the world still needs saving. How does 3 do it and what do you guys respond?

Level 58

23) 10 got a change of hearts and joins you group. And nothing (including the possible death) could stop 10 from stalking you. What do you do?

24) In the end you let 10 join you group and 10 tells you how 1 and 2 were seen kissing by a lake. How does everyone in your party react to it?

25) Well after some searching you did found 1 and 2 but you found a evil witch who used 1 and 2 as a test subjects for her newest love potion. How do you break the spell put on the two, and what happens to the witch?

Level 77

26)  5 and 6 got in a big fight because of 2 magic flies everywhere. What do you and 7 do about it?

27) Luckily it all got resolved. You all went shopping before the last big battle. 9 goes a bit overboard spending all the money before anyone got anything. how do you all fix the situation?

28)Everything is now ready. You party set off to defeat the final boss. But not so hasty you first have too do a side quest for a old lady. She wants to have all the boys in the group to each give her a kiss. The prize legendary shiny epic armor. What happens? 

Level 100

29) The time has come. The group is standing in front of a big altar, 4 is there.But oh no you are too late. A big black dragon of the end was just now relived and 4 rides it. Epic boss time battle! How does the battle go? What happens between 4 and 10 , who had the change of heart? 

30) Is it done you all wonder after the super hard fight. Well nearly the last boss appears out of the dark attacking 4 telling that 4 was useless. You all finding out 4 was brainwashed to do be evil. Will you and 1 save 4 from the final boss rage?

31)The world is saved and 3 appears to give you all the award for saving his kingdom. Which is what?

You are allowed to tag people if you feel like it.~


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Sim, Rada, Talia, Othere.
Will add when have more ideas.
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