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About Deviant Sim, Rada, Talia, Othere.Female/Serbia Group :iconroleplay-aph-forum: Roleplay-APH-Forum
roleplay original & aph, fanart,
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Hope and Chemistry by Sim-from-worst Hope and Chemistry :iconsim-from-worst:Sim-from-worst 0 0 A Day without Sorrow by Sim-from-worst A Day without Sorrow :iconsim-from-worst:Sim-from-worst 3 0 A Season Later... by Sim-from-worst A Season Later... :iconsim-from-worst:Sim-from-worst 2 0
Rp finder
1) Hello. Might we have your name? A username is nice but if you have a nickname you would prefer to go by please tell us.
Sim is fine ^^ Short and easy
2) What do you like to roleplay? Is there a specific series or theme you like?
(Series example: Sonic, Glee, Pokemon)
Hetalia mostly but I would love to expend a bit. Like digimon, helsing, bleach, stargate etc. I adore original ideas too. The best is to ask me
(Theme example: wolf, high-school, fantasy, romance)
Comedy, Romance, dramatic, fantasy, scifi is a soft spot, high school, monster rp are dear to me too. I am not really picky but I do not like abuse rp. Sorry, but horror are fine.
2) Do you create your own OCs? If so, do you draw them?
I like original characters. I do create oc. But I do not draw them either not really having the time and my skills aren’t the best.
4)Where do you like to roleplay? Not setting, where is the physical place your roleplay chats will take place.
(i.e. AIM, YahooIM, Email, DA chatrooms)
:iconsim-from-worst:Sim-from-worst 0 90
The drinking fountain by Sim-from-worst The drinking fountain :iconsim-from-worst:Sim-from-worst 0 0
Running away
Step after step
Hitched breath echoing in my ear
Drops of sweet rolling off my forehead
Running away
How easy it is just to run away
Toss away anything behind
You think it is easy?
Yes it is?
That you have to be a coward only?
Fear feeling our bones.
Holding us in a steal grip.
How easy it is
To stay just there
Not moving, Not thinking
getting crushed
sinking with the ship.
Just once.
Then never again.
How much you think is needed?
Just to say.
-I am scared, I do not want this.
And again.
Every time it catches up to you.
How hard is it then?
The first step.
The step that turns you around.
How hard it is really?
Freeing you body from it.
The grip of fear.
To move, to run. To start.
Running away.
They bear the same meaning.
How hard it is not to stop?
Not to let it be it.
The last time of everything.
Step by step.
Breath by breath.
Second by second.
Time passes.
The body giving in.
Looking around.
Catching the air of life.
There I sta
:iconsim-from-worst:Sim-from-worst 7 9
Dog by Sim-from-worst Dog :iconsim-from-worst:Sim-from-worst 3 14 Building 5 by Sim-from-worst Building 5 :iconsim-from-worst:Sim-from-worst 2 6 Binding 4 by Sim-from-worst Binding 4 :iconsim-from-worst:Sim-from-worst 1 0 Building 3 by Sim-from-worst Building 3 :iconsim-from-worst:Sim-from-worst 0 0 Bilding 2 by Sim-from-worst Bilding 2 :iconsim-from-worst:Sim-from-worst 1 0 -insert tittle here- by Sim-from-worst -insert tittle here- :iconsim-from-worst:Sim-from-worst 1 20 Bilding by Sim-from-worst Bilding :iconsim-from-worst:Sim-from-worst 2 0 cat by Sim-from-worst cat :iconsim-from-worst:Sim-from-worst 3 2 street 3 by Sim-from-worst street 3 :iconsim-from-worst:Sim-from-worst 2 0 Street/graffiti by Sim-from-worst Street/graffiti :iconsim-from-worst:Sim-from-worst 1 0

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We are a new rp forum in search for members. If you enjoy to create great stories with others and explore interesting ideas, give us a look.
There is a mature section beside the normal section, original roleplays are welcomed as much as fandom rp if you find others to rp it with you. ^^


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Sim, Rada, Talia, Othere.
Will add when have more ideas.
World X World Pairing by British-Prophetess

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*is a expert tree climber*
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Jutsika Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Did Frost deleted accounts on Hetalia Rp forum :X ? Because I can't log in anymore...
Sim-from-worst Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2014
he did a cleaning of the forum, all the accounts who didnt post in a while got deleted I suppose...pms do not count. *gives a hug* hm... I can see two possibilities 1. make a new one and post and maybe try to rp there or just post and hang around.
2. I can move the rps on here. 
Jutsika Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Hmm... I don't mind doing a new account but I might not post around again :/ Maybe moving the rps here would be a good idea but this gives a lot of rps on DA X)
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